After an autumn spent resting and recuperating it was time to find a new venture. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining Oxide Computer Company.

The mission is bold: To deliver a software and hardware solution which meets the needs of those deploying on-prem infrastructure for their workloads. The frustration with current solutions in this space is real, which I experienced both at Joyent (building a cloud) and at General Mills (providing internal infrastructure). The time is ripe to build a product which brings joy to its users, rather than apprehension or dread.

To embark on such an ambitious task, strong leadership is required. To have Bryan, Jess, and Steve heading the effort puts my mind at ease. Knowing already how Bryan and Steve operate from my time at Joyent, I’m excited to see the new perspectives and expertise that Jess brings to the mix.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m pleased to see the company principles spelled out prominently. I have no interest in working with (or for) those who see such a declaration as a hindrance to their efforts, rather than a compass to guide them.

With all of these stars aligned at Oxide, I couldn’t be more excited to dive in and start building the computer we’ve all been wanting!